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This site is the work of several knowledgeable computer technicians who are on staff to help people. We are not here to dazzle you with fancy web pages or impress you with our computer knowledge!

First of all let me tell you what you will NOT find on this site. NO "advertisements". We owe no one ! That is why we can give you good advice and steer you in the right direction to solve your computer problem. NO "dancing animations" or "talking icons". Why ? Because you came here for computer help or advice, not to be entertained. We also do not keep any "lists" of people contacting us, it is up to you to keep in touch with us. We do not send out any type of e-mail unless it is a response to your question.

We are here to help YOU for FREE

Honest ! it's true. Just give us a try. We are all "hands on" techs, who do this stuff everyday, and believe it or not, we ask nothing in return. Our "Newsletter" speaks from experiences we have encountered in our repair shops and on-site work. If you have a hardware problem, or just need some unbiased advice from a group who is not trying to sell you something, then send us an e-mail and we'll get right back to you.


Special Information Section

  1. See this weeks "Never Pay for the "Full" Version of the New Microsoft Windows Vista / Win7 Operating System" Newsletter

  2. Our "FILES" Section has some great utility files to download including the famous "Power Desk" and "Sandra" or do a search on CNET's Download Web Site.

  3. If you need small parts like short screws or extra small jumpers for your hard drive or longer ribbon or power cables or just any kind of part large or small then check out a place called CyberGuys and ask for their catalog as soon as possible

  4. If you are thinking of buying a larger hard drive then take a serious look at these two products, that we have used quite often, from Terabyte Unlimited & Acronis's True Image

  5. Interested in a Laptop ?? Check out the Toshiba Series for the low price of $499 at Tiger Direct on-line, about $30 to ship overnight and some states NO sales tax. Also shop for larger parts like hard drives, video cards, etc. at NewEgg.

  6. How about some fun stuff for your favorite "Computer Geek" or that "Neighborhood Guru" that helped out you or your businesss !!! See what ComputerGear has for them.

  7. Need to add more memory, but don't know what module to buy for your brand of computer?? Just go to Crucial.com a division of Micron for an easy way to find your correct chip at a low price.


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