Best Way to Backup ? Use Drive Copy 4.0

First, get yourself a copy of Drive Copy 4.0, it was made by PowerQuest which has since been bought out by Symantec. If you check the Internet you can still be able to purchase a copy from a reputable vendor at a very low price.

I recommend that you use this program when installing an additional hard drive into your computer or if you purchase the Slide Tray System if you have an open bay on your computer.

Why use this sofware rather than the one that comes with your new hard drive? Here's why, this software has a feature that other versions do not have and that is the ability for you to choose "Backup" when doing a "disk to disk" copying of your present hard drive onto an additional one. The best part about this feature is that you can make either drive "hidden" from the Windows operating system, even XP. This enables you to keep a second hard drive inside your computer and use it as an exact "byte for byte clone" of your main hard drive for back up purposes.

In order for this, or any similar copying software, to work correctly is to make sure each hard drive is pinned as CS (cable select) and that your BIOS is set to Auto for each Primary and Secondly IDE. We very much recommend that your new or second drive be the same maker as the original especially if you intend to add an additional drive rather than replace your present one.


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