Tips on installing your new CD or DVD

First of all let's understand what all those numbers with the X's mean. Say for example your CD or DVD has 6x / 4x / 24x listed on the outside of the box. The 6x (first number) refers to the speed at which your unit creates an "ordinary" CD/DVD disk which can not be erased or added to. The 4x (second number) refers to the speed at which your unit can create a "re-writable" CD/DVD disk which could then be erased and re-written to hundreds of times. The last number 24x refers to what we have been use to seeing with regular CD/DVD-ROM's and that is the speed that your unit can "read" a regular CD/DVD that you get when you buy a software program.

If you are replacing your present CD/DVD Reader with a new CDDVD Reader Writer make sure the jumper pin settings on the rear of your new CD/DVD-RW are the same as the CD-ROM that you are replacing. Also use the new ribbon cable that came with your new unit and make sure the "red line" on the side of the ribbon cable is located same side as the old one when plugging in both ends. This holds true for the small audio cable with the colored wires, make sure that plugs in the same way as the old CD.
That's it..... all done !!!

If you are adding a DVD-RW and keeping your present CD-ROM or CD-RW make sure the jumper pins are set as follows: new DVD-RW set as master, and present CD-ROM or CD-RW set as slave, both on the Secondary IDE channel. The present CD-RW or ROM should already be set as Master on the Secondary IDE channel so all you have to do is reset the jumper pin on the rear to "slave". I do not recommend setting the jumpers on both to CS (cable select) and never use the PRIMARY IDE channel for DVD or CD units.

Reboot your computer and install the software that came with it and you should be able to burn your first DVD or CD. Remember to "test" first then "copy" or you may end up with a "drink coaster" instead of a DVD/CD.

The best and easiest software to use for creating DVDs or CDs or copying data or music CDs is Nero Software and the best deals on DVD units is at Needless to say if you have any problems just e-mail us for a quick answer.


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