This is our first newsletter for our new web site. We thought that we would dedicate it to telling you how easy it was to put this together using Web Express 3.0 along with Netscape Composor 7.2 while using either Windows98 or Windows XP.

First of all, I would recommend that anyone interested in setting up their own Web Site get the Third Edition of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating an HTML 4 Web Page" written by Paul McFedries. This book reads well and is very informative and best of all comes with a CD loaded with programs and files to help any newbie develope that first web page. Then I would look into a Web Hosting Service, we chose Value Web after visiting several web hosting sites and downloading their on-line help pages. Value Web was the same price as others but offered more self explanatory on-line help without having to contact anyone by phone.

Getting back to Web Express, it was very easy to get up and running by using their pre-made web sites. Notice I didn't say pages, these are complete sites already made up and all you have to do is insert your changes in the WSIWYG enviorment. Then as a finishing touch, view the page in Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. We used an older 7.2 version of Netscape figuring that if our site works well in an older version it should be fine in the new Netscape Communicator 8.0 version or any of the other popular browsers.

If you know anyone interested in putting together a web page print out this newsletter for them. If they need any more information tell them to drop us some e-mail, and that goes for anyone having problems with their computer.

Remember we are a FREE service, we don't need your money