Backup or You'll Crack Up

Did you hear about the blonde woman who thought that the CD tray that slides out of the CD drive is merely a cup holder ??

The only reason I know that this is a true story is because when making service calls we all look for the attractive blonde that has white-out marks on her computer screen. No more jokes, promise !!

A very large majority of computer users tend not to be interested in buying or using backup software or follow any kind of backing up procedure, until of course the "Lost Data Gremlin" kisses them full on the lips. You need to search the Internet for the best rated backup software, buy it and use it on a regular basis.

Once you have been of victim of this gremlin and of course, you are now out of therapy, you must take the following 5 step oath.

  1. I will now believe in the computer version of Murphy's Law "Something WILL ALWAYS go wrong in Windows".

  2. I will at least backup MY important files onto CDs or DVDs.

  3. I will backup my entire system weekly onto CDs, DVDs on on another hard drive using backup or imaging software.

  4. I will make Bootable recovery CDs using the backup software or any program that enables me to do this.

  5. I will have a disaster drill to make sure I have all the CDs I may need to re-install my programs, updates, drivers and anything else needed to get me back up and running.

Once you've zapped an important file, directory or had a virus problem or worse yet, a hard disk crash, after having your computer finally tweaked exactly the way you wanted it, you will know the importance of developing and following a good backup procedure.

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