Partitioning Software - Use With Extreme Caution

Partitioning Software is very dangerous to use and does sometimes cause sudden serious problems in Windows98, XP and the new Vista operating systems. If you absolutely have to partition or resize your hard drive you need to read up on at least two of the more popular software titles:
Partition Magic from Symantec
Partition Commander from Avanquest

I strongly recommend that you do not use any freeware or trialware software that do partitioning or resizing your hard drive. Use commercial, popularly rated partitioning software. Make sure you make a byte for byte image of your hard drive before you install and use any partitioning software. Read and read again the instructions and make sure you make the bootable backup media CDs when prompted after installation, it may be the only way you can access your hard drive in a failed resizing of a partition.


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